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Fight Your Toronto Speeding Ticket and Keep Insurance Rates Low

Keeping Insurance Rates Low

A Toronto speeding ticket can potentially wreak havoc with your car insurance premiums. Studies have shown that Ontario is home to the highest car insurance rates in all of Canada, and residents of the GTA are subjected to the highest rates in Ontario.
A single speeding ticket in Toronto can effectively drive these already-high insurance premiums even higher. It is common for a single ticket to cause an increase of $300 to $1,000 per year for an insurance premium. This makes it especially important for people to make every effort to keep driving records clean and get the best rates possible. If you receive a speeding ticket in Toronto, do not pay it. Fight your speeding ticket and make every effort to have the ticket dismissed from your record.

Understanding Speeding Tickets

There are many different types of speeding tickets that vary from minor tickets to major charges. Depending on the severity of the charge, it may result in either a ticket with a fine amount or a summons to show up in court to face the charge. In addition to the fine that is given for a speeding ticket, demerit points are also added to the driving record for most convictions. Accumulating demerit points can lead to warnings or possible license suspensions.
These are the guidelines for speeding tickets in the province of Ontario with regards to demerit points for speeding over the posted speed limits:
1-15km/hr. – 0 demerit points
16-29km/hr. – 3 demerit points
30-49km/hr. – 4 demerit points
50km and over – 6 demerit points and a 30-day license suspension. At the discretion of the police officer, you can be charged with stunt driving or racing which also carries vehicle impoundment and possible jail time.
Many people mistakenly pay lower tier tickets under the false impression that the lack of demerit points associated with the ticket keeps it hidden from insurance companies. This is a costly assumption. Insurance companies look at convictions and even smaller tickets can lead to significant increases in insurance premiums. A number of convictions (regardless of whether they carry demerit points or not) can lead to an inability to obtain insurance in the future.

Why You Should Always Fight Speeding Tickets

Paying a speeding ticket automatically pleads guilty for the offense and the conviction goes on your record for a period of three years. This can translate into thousands of dollars in insurance increases until the conviction is gone. Never pay a speeding ticket without first consulting with experienced professionals to explore your options.
There are professional traffic ticket agents servicing Toronto with over 20 years of experience helping clients successfully challenge traffic tickets and other serious charges such as impaired driving and driving under suspension. This experience translates into providing sound advice and representing clients both outside and inside of court.
Take the pain and inconvenience out of fighting your traffic tickets and other types of charges. Keep your driving record clean and avoid insurance hikes with professional representation for your Toronto speeding ticket today.
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